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As interpreted “New Orleans” style by Jelly Roll Morton.

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Here is my transcription of Jelly Roll Morton's famous improvisation on Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag", which was fortuitously recorded in 1938 at the Library of Congress.

While not an easy thing to play, this shows that Morton's style fits well under the hands. I chose not to edit out any mis-played notes on the recording, instead leaving them to be interpreted as the pianist chooses.

Some details on the audio:

To create this mock-up, I edited a MIDI sequence of my transcription in Reaper. Working with the original Morton audio recording, I time-mapped the MIDI data to line up [mostly] exactly with Morton's performance. I then went through the performance to try to inject some of Morton's human pianistic inflection onto the raw MIDI sequence. The results still sound jerky in places, but sometimes Jelly Roll's touch comes back to life. Hope you enjoy!